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Do you really think that your products or services successfully reach your customers? Are you confident in the way you market your brand? Here are some marketing strategies. Of course we are not gonna discuss about the traditional means of marketing, because it's 2020 and technology is ruling us. Smartphones and gadgets are everywhere, even the small children in our homes are experts in using them. In such a context, turning our business digitally enriched is not a big task if we use them wisely. As you all know, marketing is the key element in popularising a brand. Here comes Social media marketing, the most powerful weapon to reach your targets in this digital era. If you question why you could use social media for marketing, the first answer will be it's reach, the worldwide reach. As compared with any other marketing techniques, marketing through social media is more likely to reach the target customers. Millions of people are constantly engaging in different social media platforms daily, for most of them checking on such platforms became a routine. Put your brand where people engage the most and now it's on social media. So, the first thing you have to do is opening social media accounts and get started. You can connect with the globe by just sitting in a chair, sipping a cup of tea. The second reward you get from social media marketing is that you and your customers will be directly connected. You are able to make a friendly dealings through such platforms. You can get instant feedbacks, you can seek public opinions, you can talk directly to your loyal customers. The most important benefit of digital marketing is yet to explain, that is brand identity. Each post you share in social media bring you new customers and your brand become popular day by day. More and more people recognize your brand, discuss about it and approach you. Imagine about increasing traffic on your website through social media. Yes, there is space in most social media platforms for placing your website links so that people can click on it and reach you. It will help your website more reachable. What about getting instant results on your marketing, like the reach and popularity of each post and content you share on such platforms? We can evaluate our progress easily. There is no time limit for marketing online, you can do it anytime from anywhere without being worried about the time limitations. And also there are some specific time calculations for when to post a content for more reach. It will give a fruitful result. Marketing doesn't make any progress to your business unless you do it properly. So if you are in search of an effective marketing strategy, think about social media marketing, it will work for sure.